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"We are hoping that over time that this museum will include all of the racquetball equipment that has made an impact on the world of racquetball.  I would not be able to put this together without the help of others.  That is why I ask you to share any information that will help this museum grow.”– Randy Stafford

Garner Simpson

“Garner Simpson is responsible for creating this website.  She has taken my old collection and turned it into a very interesting historical site for racquetball.  Garner recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of Memphis where she received a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus in Marketing Management.  She hopes to take her experience with this site and make a career in digital marketing.  She is an excellent athlete and one day wants to compete in racquetball tournaments.”-Randy Stafford 

Listed below are the people who are continuously contributing to this museum and helping make it successful. 







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Donate to the US Racquetball Foundation to help ensure the future of racquetball in the US and to help fund this museum.Donate to the US Raquetball Foundation to help ensure the future of racquetball and to help fund this museum