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"Would you believe with all the information and items in this museum, books are the only area that I actually did actively collect?  To date, I have 104 books written by different authors for our sport of racquetball.  Most of the other items I had and never threw away, or someone sent me their old gear.  However, books are a different matter.  Books represent the author’s knowledge and interest as a player displayed for all to see.  The number of books range from instructional books, joke Collage of booksbooks, women's books, books about the cults of racquetball, and the location of all the clubs in the US.  Over time, I will have all these books posted, so come back often to see the updates."-Randy Stafford

Since there are so many books, they are split up into two flipbooks.  There is a table of contents to help you navigate your way through all the books.  Make sure to view both flipbooks, so you can see the variety of great books written about our sport.

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