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"Tournament t-shirts have to be the most memorable item that we as players have collected, even more so than racquets and trophies.  This is because we continue to enjoy them year after year and they remind us of where and what tournament we played.  I know people that have collected hundreds of tournament shirts that are still brand new in the original package.  I know a few that have made quilts out of them.  They are individualized for each event, and the memories from each tournament are brought back when we come across them again and again. 

That brings us to the museum.  I feel that because they are such a culture of our sport we should present as many as we can for everyone to see.  It will be interesting to see all the different variations from over the decades of tournaments, from styles, colors, and logos.

To make this fun, please send us pictures of your favorite tournament t-shirts, and we will post them online.  Try to get a close up of the logos and be sure to let us know the year of the tournament.  Over time, I hope to get hundreds of shirts, and then we will arrange them by year.”-Randy Stafford

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