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Print Media

"One interesting area of racquetball is the print media.  Racquetball was a rather popular advertising tool.  There were ads that promoted the sport of racquetball, products, players, and tournaments.  Then there were ads that used racquetball as a technique to sell other products or services.  Some of these advertisements are quite interesting, and you will find them all right here in the print media section of the museum."-Randy Stafford 

Click the individual advertisements to open an ernlarged PDF of each

DP Leach AdDP Leach Graphite AdLeach Aluminum Racquet AdRacquetball eye gaurds ad

Wilson ad featuring Shannon WrightCadillac adTampax adAdvertisement for Jennifer Harding racquet

Advertisement for Jerry Hilecher racquetThe Assassin ad. The official USRA ballSteve Strandemo in a Head avertisementDave Peck and Shannon Wright helping advertise Nautilus

Seamco Blue 600 ad in 1979Seamco ad in 1979Nautilus ad with Dave Peck and brother Greg PeckMarty Hogan helping Leach advertise their Graphite 100

Lifecycle ad featuring Dave PeckWilson TruBlue advertisement