“There have been articles written about racquetball since the beginning of the sport. Some were written specifically for magazines, newspapers, and brochures; others were written simply ‘just because.’ Either way, all of these articles document important moments and experiences that we may have otherwise not remembered. Most of these articles have been sent to Randy over the years by various people. You will Left: Dr. Bud Muehleisen, Right: Bo Keeleyfind many articles written by Bo Keeley, as he always has memorable stories to share. There will be articles from both the past and present. I believe this is a very interesting section because you get to see other people’s perspectives on certain topics and events.”-Garner Simpson









Listed below are the titles of the different articles. Click the title to open a PDF.

“How Racquetball Got Its Name” by Dr. Bud Muehleisen
“International Paddle Racket Association” by Mort Leve
“The Racquetball’s Colorful History” by Bo Keeley
“Paddle Racket Room” by Mort Leve
“The Roots of Pro Racquetball” by Bo Keeley
“Invention of the Ceiling Ball” by Bo Keeley
“The First Oversized Racquetball Racquet” by Randy Stafford
“Arrival of Around World and Z Balls” by Bo Keeley
“The Story of the 3 Foot Service Line” by Jim Hiser
“The Name Game…The Best and Worst of Racquet Names” by Time Deighan
“Sports, Politics, and the Catalina Tour” by Bo Keeley
“Pacific Paddleball Association” by Bo Keeley
“Sword and Shield of the Early Racquetball Conquistadors” by Bo Keeley
“St.Louis Power Racquetball” by Bo Keeley
“Loveday and the Evolution and Lost Art of the Overhead Killshot!” by Bo Keeley with Marty Hogan
“Ektelon-Leach: The Pioneer Racquet Companies” by Bo Keeley
“Friends Cheer for Racquetball” by Kris Gilmore found in National Racquetball Magazine Vol.9 No.10 October 1980
“Wright Downs McKay” by Carole George found in National Racquetball Magazine Vol.9 No. 10 October 1980