Balls – Pennsylvania Pinkie

“This ball is called the Pennsylvania Pinkie and is the only one known to exist.  The year was 1968 and the Pinkie was developed by The Pennsylvania Athletic Products, now known as PENN, to be

 the official ball for the very first racquetball Nationals in Milwaukee.  The Pinkie did not last long, as it was used only between the Sobek ball and the Seamco balls.

Soon after Nationals, Seamco took over the market only to lose it back to Penn, who still dominates the racquetball market.  Below are a few words written by Jim Hiser regarding the tournament.”-Randy Stafford

Larry Lederman and some associates took it upon themselves to organize paddle racquet players into a cohesive group.  They convinced many paddle ball players to try the new game and enter a tournament in Milwaukee.  The Pennsylvania pinkie was the designated ball.  Schultz beat Schmidtke in the singles final, and Fein and White won the doubles.  To practice for the tournament Schultz had only three weeks to work out with the gut racquet and the pink ball.