Racquets – Autograph

“The very first autograph racquet was made by Ektelon, the ‘Bud Muelheisen.’  In 1972, at age 17, I received my very own Bud Muelheisen racquet and thought I was in tall cotton.  It is my understanding that Dr. Bud himself, designed this first Ektelon racquet.  From there, Leach developed the ‘Charlie Brumfield’ black, plastic racquet.  As they say, the rest is history.  There has to be more than 40 autographed racquets introduced during the past 40 years.  I would imagine that by far, Marty Hogan had the most signature racquets.  More than a few racquets hold the signature of female players.  We will try to get pictures of all of the signature racquets along with the story behind each one.  One racquet I do not have is the Bledsoe model by Wilson.  If you can help me with this one, it would be great.”-Randy Stafford