“Ektelon was founded by Bud Held in San Diego in 1964.  It produced its first experimental metal racquet in 1970 for Dr. Bud Muelheisin.  In 1972, they started mass producing the first aluminum racquet for racquetball and enjoyed a huge success.  This racquet was the autograph model, ‘Bud Muelheisin,’ designed by Dr. Bud.  Ektelon went on to be a leader in new racquet designs and manufacturing concepts for many years.  I can still remember Bud Held running around at the IRA Nationals for many years, counting who was using an Ektelon racquet and estimating the percentage of national players using his racquets.  At these early national events, it was always between 50% and 70% of the players using Ektelon.  Ektelon introduced many well-known racquets which included the XL Schmidkie, 250G, CBK, and the Toron.”-Randy Stafford