Racquets – Head

“Head racquetball racquets are one of the most popular racquets used in our sport today.  Dating back to 1975, Head has been both a dominating and innovating company for racquetball.  During the seventies, they introduced the smaller sized racquets under the AMF name which included racquets like Tour, Master, and Vector. = In the 80’s, the midsized racquets came along as we all can remember the Head Radial.  Other names included in the midsize category were the Graphite Express, Spectrum, and the Elite.  Then, the oversized racquets came along.  Head took advantage of this category through great engineering of frames and expert marketing.  These racquets include the Catapult, the MegaBlast 175 in a bright orange color, and one of my favorites, the Liquid Metal.

Head has been very supportive of this museum by sending me all of the frames exhibited.  There are a few racquets that we need to add including the Alloy Pro Mid, RX50, Defiant, Colossus 3000, and the two Laser Speed models.  If you have any of these please send me pictures, and I will include them to make a complete showing of all of Head’s racquetball racquets.”-Randy Stafford