“Being able to include vintage racquetball matches makes our online museum one more step to being complete. These matches are great to watch. It gives us a real look into the past as to how racquetball was played in the early days of our sport. With smaller racquets and slower balls, the rallies are longer, and you can really see the strategy playing out during the match. This was the time when you could really see the two types of play, control verses power, and notice they each had their place on the court during this era.

We will be posting different matches of all the great pros, so check back often. Soon, we will post a special, rarely seen doubles match that was produced and used by Voit as a sales tool. This is the only time these early pros were actually filmed on court playing doubles. It is truly iconic, and I know you will enjoy it.”-Randy Stafford

Jim Winterton interviews Charlie Brumfield at the 2013 US Open

Coach Jim Winterton interview with Charlie Brumfield, Summer 2013. In this interview they discuss Charlie’s career, the early days of racquetball, and his competitive advantage

1970’s Rollout Voit Advertisement
Vintage Racquetball Play

“This video was produced in the early 70’s by Voit to advertise their racquetball product line. It has to be the most iconic 6 minutes of vintage racquetball play that exists. Four very famous players (Charlie Brumfield, Steve Keeley, Steve Strandemo, and Steve Serot) are featured in this film actually playing doubles. All of these players were pro champions during the 70’s, and it is great to see them play doubles. It is even more interesting to see the smaller racquets, slower balls, and 70’s clothing. The dashed receiving line and doubles lines were not a part of the court during this time. Eyeglasses were not required during this era and normally not used. Watch the entire clip, as near the end of the video, they are walking past outdoor racquetball which was just starting to become popular. I believe this is the only early vintage footage that exists of the three Steve’s playing racquetball and certainly the only footage of them on the court all at the same time. Check other vintage matches here in the museum of Brumfield playing.”-Randy Stafford

1978 4th Annual Leach, Seamco, Schlitz
William B. Tanner Pro-Am Final Narrated by Mike Zeitman

Marty Hogan vs. Charlie Brumfield Game 1

Marty Hogan vs. Charlie Brumfield Game 2

Marty Hogan vs. Charlie Brumfield Tiebreaker

1978 4th Annual Leach, Seamco, Schlitz William B. Tanner
Pro-Am Women’s Final Narrated by Mike Zeitman and Vicky Young

Shannon Wright vs. Peggy Steding